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Scenario Short Introduction
Across The Abyss A troubled scientist makes a breakthrough discovery.
And we have reaped the crops the gods have sown In a city of endless darkness and living nightmares, some rare souls dare to dream.
Awakening Teenage girl develops dangerous powers.
Astronaut School Yggdrasil Romantic teen adventure drama in a futuristic school setting.
Back in Time Confused time traveller on a mission.
The Book Struggling artist gets a break of sorts.
Breakthrough A tale of a rock band on the brink of success.
Butcher's Crossing In search of a nature and the vanishing Old West.
The Cavalier of the Sorrowful Mien Pulp mystery men in the Great War.
Christmas Party Noble thieves are at work on Christmas Eve.
The Citadel An urban haunted house story.
City in the Sky Fantasy story set in a world of endless deserts.
The Council A council where the fate of the world is at stake.
Dangerous Mind Agents, conspiracies and the paranormal clash with family life in the suburbs.
Dark Dungeons A battle between light and darkness in a stark urban fantasy milieu.
Dreams of Blood and Fire A sleeping dragon attracts adventurers.
Final Act Action drama set in Africa in the style of the 80s.
The Final Party Uninvited guest notices that all the other guests of the party are vampires.
From the World of Old Fantasy story of the beast of legends in a world that is ready to leave the legends behind.
Frontiers Drama of humanity set in contemporary Central Africa.
Hard Day's Night Dystopian drama of impossible choices.
The Healer Story of a healer of adventurers.
Hellraiser Horror fantasy beyond the lust of flesh.
Honor and Dignity, Above All Hilarious rivalry between the upper crust in the 1920s London.
In the Heat of the Night Heroic and wordy FBI-agent struggling in the New York City of the 70s.
In the Shadow of the Great Wall Colorful Wuxia-drama set in ancient China.
Indiscipline A superhero scenario with a hint of cyberpunk.
Inheritance Story honoring the style of the classic mysteries.
The Iron Horse Faith and tradition collide with the outside world in the old west.
The Last Adventure A hermit on his final adventure.
The Last Man on Mars Psychedelic drama of the last colonist of Mars.
The Legacy of Flesh Story from the far future, after humanity is long gone.
Lords of Midnight High fantasy classic revisited.
Man from the East Drama set in the world of modern martial arts.
The Man of the Land Desperate people struggle in near-dystopian conditions.
The Miracle of Christmas Deranged Father Christmas around the holidays.
Modeline A feminist drama set in the bohemian Paris of the Fin de siécle.
A Night in Limehouse A classic detective story, the Chinese tribulations of Sherlock Holmes.
Of Gods and Men A tribesman in search for the truth.
Pride Comes Before a Fall An impulsive cop in world of trouble.
Prisoners A dungeon crawl with gothic overtones.
On Treacherous Ground Tribal warfare and intrigue in the brink of history.
The Red Comrades Outnumbered rebels fight against an interplanetary Empire.
The Red Mist Survivors of pirates and Spanish galleon clash in the shores of a mysterious island.
The One Ring The hero of Gondor returns with a dark secret.
Reunion A man searching himself by confronting his past.
The Romeo of the West Bank Romantic drama amidst volatile circumstances.
Son of Man Son of a carpenter searches for a new direction for his life in Judea at the beginning of the first millennium.
Super Mario Bros A light-hearted farce set in 1970s Naples, starring a certain plumber from Brooklyn.
Survivors Survival story of the difficulties of teamwork.
Three Carafes of Wine Bizarre fantasy-drama set in an exotic island of a dying earth.
Three Days to Retirement A detective needs only to crack one case before retirement.
To be rich is to Seek Duckburg in the middle of great changes.
The Varangian Way A foolhardy attempt that could make history.
We are such stuff as dreams are made on On the bridge of a starship.
The Wedding Problems of love and transition of power in mythic Viking Age north.
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