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Survival story of the difficulties of teamwork.

The apocalypse is finally here! Of all the possible reasons that could have wrecked us it was eventually the living dead who had the honor of finishing us off. Vast majority of human population caught the virus and now wanders aimlessly in the streets as zombies.

A bunch of people have avoided this fate for now. Still, they are far from being safe. One bite from the living dead could transform them as well, and even if it wouldn't, the zombies are mindless cannibals.

The survivors have taken shelter at a random office building. Doors and windows are sealed shut and the desperate survivors have barricaded themselves in. Unfortunately they have been noticed by the horde and now zombies are gathering in front of the building. It is only a matter of time until a door or a window caves in under the endless assault. People inside desperately need a next move.

Every survivor has his own cross to bear and a place where he would wish to go. None of them can survive on their own though, and some of them will die no matter what.

  • Goodwill is the first to go
  • As long as there is life, there is hope
  • Life is worthless without humanity

Sandra Flockhart

Even before the world ended, forty-something Sandra lived in a hell of sorts. As a mother of three, suffering in the hands of her violent husband she is the kind of person who hasn't got many friends to go around. Not that she would have wanted any, as she was a woman who lived only for her children. She is of the silent and heroic type, ready to do anything to give a better life for her children. She would not appear in the spotlight in Hollywood any more than have a song written of her life.

Her husband, Hank wasn't much of a man. He spent most of his days watching the world through a bottle. In that ill-fated day he was too drunk to go to the supermarket, so Sandra had to do it as usual. Hank and the kids were left at home.

End of the world intervened it all, and through coincidences she ended up with bunch of strangers to the office building. Her only goal is to return home and there isn't a thing living or dead that could stop her.

3 Determined
No obstacle is too great for her to overcome when children are concerned.
2 Car in the Garage
Sandra has a car in the parking hall of a nearby supermarket. If only it wasn't crawling with zombies.
2 Area-knowledge
Born and bred in the city, she knows her way around.
1 Underdog
People tend to underestimate her.
1 Bad Shape
She has lived a life full of ill events and carries the marks with her.
1 Worried
The fate of her children greatly disturb her.
  • Translated from Finnish original “Selviytyjät” by Petteri Hannila

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