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The Final Party

Uninvited guest notices that all the other guests of the party are vampires.

The bartender smiled to Laura. He was unaccustomed to serving beer for his customers in this party. Still, he found a bottle from underneath the desk and opened it.

It was a peculiar party indeed. The attires of the attendants were straight from a crazy historical drama that didn't really know what century it was supposed to be happening. Laura's own evening dress was a sleek black thing, in which she had been able to mingle to the crowd in pretty much every party. Before this party, that is, as here it didn't seem to work at all.

More and more people arrived. They formed small groups, between with their movement seemed to follow some unspoken rhythm. Laura seemed to enter it almost intuitively. Men were handsome and women beautiful. It seemed that the participants were from different parts of the world. All the other guests smiled to Laura. She felt dizzy when they looked at her.


  • Everyone has secrets
  • All beauty doesn't withstand a closer inspection
  • What is the price of surival


Laura had always been a wild one. She wasn't interested in schoolwork, her surroundings at home were rough and the school didn't seem to help. When she turned eighteen, she left and has never looked back.

Every night was a possibility for a new party. People changed, but her all-out spirit was always there. At twenty years of age Laura is still beautiful. Constant partying has left its mark though; she seems older than her years.

There didn't exist a party she couldn't get in. One way or another, she would get in, whether it required a flirt with the doorman or using a forgotten back door for entrance, she had always found a way. Now she has crashed a party that surpass her wildest dreams. All participants are young and well built, but feel somehow peculiar. Every pair of eyes she sees seems to see through her. For the first time in her life, Laura has found a party she feels she doesn't belong to.

Its not that she is not properly behaved at, quite the contrary. She has become a center of attention. Some want to discuss with her, others try to flirt and take her with them.

She seems unable to leave before the party ends, no matter how much she wants to.

3 Nothing to Lose
Laura has nothing but herself. When things get rough, she thinks only of herself.
2 Own Rulebook
Laura had a rough life. She resists authority and people who try to dictate terms. She plays with her own rules and it might be her salvation.
2 Smooth
Laura has a knack for people. She recognizes the interests of others and knows how to act an interest.
1 Suspicious
For all of her life, Laura has had trouble trusting others. Now this attribute might become valuable.
1 Temptations
Laura is a hedonist and ready to experience new things on a moment's notice.
1 Poor Concentration
Laura has always been impulsive. She can change her mind rapidly which makes elaborate plans difficult.

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