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We are such stuff as dreams are made on

On the bridge of a starship.

The 24th century has brought new technologies and an unprecedented well-being to the humanity. Anyone can pursue their dreams in a safe environment. Space technology has advanced, and the galaxy opened by warp drive technology appears to be inhabited by many aliens.

Earth Alliance has sent a group of battlecruisers capable of independent exploration to the unknown reaches of space. United Space Administration (USA) has equiped these ships with the newest sensors, weapons and engines that can go as fastt as warp speed 9. Our story concentrates on the crew of the flagship USA Valiant.

An Admiral has ordered the ship near the Azimech system. However, Earth Allience, consisting of humans and other nearby lifeforms, is not alone in space. The imperialistic Union of Alzir tries to maintain a cold war by guarding its borders meticulously. They have military interest in Azimech, and because of this, have warned Earh Alliance on the matter.

When USA Valiant finally reaches its destination, a strange probe begins approaching, not responding to hails. There is an inhabited planet nearby, but those inhabitants have not yet mastered the art of space travel. Junior mate Volkov complains his headache and he is released from duty. Slight variations are detected in the warp field. There's something going on. Can the peaceful Earth Alliance and the crew of its flagship survive the situation according to protocol.


  • Future Earth resembles utopia
  • It is forbidden to interfere in the development of foreign cultures
  • The chain of command is to be followed

The Captain

The Captain is a hero of times gone by, having found 63 new civilizations and won 12 great space battles. One of the most memorable achievements is breaking the Alsaf blockade 20 years ago.

Nowadays The Captain's age begins to affect everything. Even if an experienced explorer of the edge of deep space, The Captain needs to rely on the crew more often than not. Career almost at its end, The Captain plans to enjoy old age with favorite hobby: building model ships.

The Captain has started to foget things and at times raves about past achievements, sometimes as if future ones. Kitalphian sourwine does not help at all, since The Captain has a habit of sipping it in the ready room.

3 Battle commander
The Captain can plan and execute battles in space.
2 Lover
Even today, the skill of intimate contact with aliens is not gone.
2 Diplomat
The Captain can meet creatures of space in a respectful manner.
1 Warp technology
Younger Captain served as an engineer.
1 Substance abuse
Kitalphian sourwine disables its users.
1 Senile
At times, The Captain is not the same old self.

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