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From the World of Old

Fantasy story of the beast of legends in a world that is ready to leave the legends behind.

The city of Scthylia was named after a dragon of old, but next to nobody remembered what the high mountain next to the city had carried in the old days. River route and the wellfare that floated along it far outweighed the beautiful scenery and details of a half-forgotten mystery.

Indeed, who cared about the elves, orcs and dragons? They were children's tales nowadays. Nobody had seen even a glimpse of these beings after the great wars, fought hundreds of years ago. Quite the contrary, the city had had its fair share of peaceful living that has continued for generations. Wars were the things of distant lands and evil men and all of Scthylia's gunpowder was used in fireworks in grand festivities.

The Guild of the Mages was long ago disbanded as unnecessary (and dangerous). Hundred years ago Mayor Silvernoon led a civil uprising, in which all the mages were driven into exile. Perhaps they ended up in nearby woods, mingling with druids and other creatures of old, or became extinct.

When years passed, merchant guilds took over the city. Nowadays a glorious title has almost always been backed up with coin, rather than glorious noble history of the family. Old noble houses are in ruin, its members desperately trying to find ways to restore themselves to their ancient glory. A futile effort, if the modern rulers of the city can have their way with things.


  • The world has changed
  • Scthylia is a monumental city of commerce and trade
  • A wyrm is not a man

Scthylia The Golden One

Scthylia is a 90 feet long golden dragon. He has just waken up from a centuries long slumber inside his mountain. There, on top of his pile of gold he senses that he is the last dragon in the world.

Wyrm goes through his immense magic, woven and gathered during his vivid long life that has lasted thousands of years. Then, he transforms himself into a human form. He walks down from his mountain, towards the city. He would not repeat the mistakes of his kin, but rather would carve a place for himself in the world of men.

And if it will not bend, he will set the world on fire.

3 Dragon
Magical, 90 feet long dragon.
2 Theatrical
Does nothing without drama.
2 Invulnerable
It is difficult to harm him.
1 Petty
Impulsive, untrustworthy and capricious.
1 Treasure
A hoard of treasure deep in his cave.
1 Ancient Knowledge
Past life of hundred years gives opportunities.
1 Being of the Old World
Ways of the new and old collide.
1 Hunger for Power
Ready to do what it takes to get it.

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