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The Man of the Land

Desperate people struggle in near-dystopian conditions.

It is the year 1990, but not as we remember it. The oil crisis of the 1970s had lead to a nuclear incident in the Near East and to an eve of Third World War. It was barely prevented, but recession and isolation politics have since run rampant across the world.

Finland had it worse than most countries. During the restless years a movement called Green Dawn seized power. It was an extremist Green movement, ruthless and idealistic in their cause. They managed to rally a large support behind their cause, promising better tomorrow for people when they were struggling in the waves of the global collapse. The final push came from the Soviet Union. They supported the Green Dawn and in the midst of it all transformed it, bringing them closer to the Communist ideals.

Since then, the borders of Finland have been all but shut down. The country is ruled by an elite class; the Green Guardsmen, who control the land that has lapsed back to agriculture. There have been infiltrators and resistance cells operating the whole time, but they haven't managed to rally strong enough an opposition to get a chance to seriously challenge the new government.

There is no freedom of speech or press, most of the people live on farmsteads that are badly managed and under-supplied. The people are held in check by the threat of violence. Everything is monitored, all is bought with government coupons (except from the black market). The population of the land has diminished greatly, dropping to around three million citizens.

And now there is the first generation of young who have grown under the Green Dawn propaganda. They firmly believe that the government is their benefactor. And should somebody fall from the lawful path, every man is his neighbour's keeper.


  • Green Dawn is used by the power-hungry
  • Finns are a humble and hardy folk
  • The clueless ones are tools

Veikko Hirvonen, The Man of the Land

Veikko is a farmer sixty years of age. He has seen it all, starting with the Fascist War of his childhood and the urbanization of the mid-century Finland; ending with poverty and malaise after the fall of the western dream in the 70s.

His wife had died long ago, leaving Veikko to take care of Marja, his only daughter. Nowadays childbirth was highly regulated, but Marja was born just before the licencing system came into place.

During the late 70s and 80s, Veikko helped the resistance. His contact was Markku Kasurinen, a man from a nearby village. Together they helped many nonconformists to flee the goverment, mostly to Sweden and Norway. Veikko kept his head down, though, because of his young daughter and his vulnerable position as a lone farmer. Years ago Veikko basically ended his contact with the resistance. He grew disillusioned with the cause.

Veikko has problems. His health is slowly deteriorating alongside the rusting machines he operates to make a living out of his fields. Worse than this, his daughter Marja is viciously courted by Pekka Ketola, a local Sergeant of the Green Dawn. This cocky and rash young man would not take no for an answer. Marja and Pekka were both of the new generation, brainwashed and manipulated by the Green Dawn. True products of the system.

But what could a single farmer do?

3 Straightforward
“And be a simple kind of man. Oh be something you love and understand.”
2 Experienced
He has seen both ideas and men rise and fall.
2 Silent
“Speech is silver, silence is golden.”
1 Farmer
He has soil under his fingernails.
1 Poor Health
Veikko has seen many winters.
1 Worry about Marja
If something would happen to her, his world would collapse.

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