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The Red Comrades

Outnumbered rebels fight against an interplanetary Empire.

The world is in dire straits. The Capitalitrix Empire, ruled with an ever-polished fist of consumerism by Trumpenator XV has robbed its citizens of all understanding of beauty or comradeship. They are mindless automatons, following a consumer trend after consumer trend in between seasons of well-advertised reality shows.

While the human race has now populated most of the inner solar system, the huge material wealth and resources are converted into myriad of products by large corporate powers that are behind Capitalitrix. Everyone is free of course … to do as he is told in endless commercials that are being broadcast through massive network of satellites placed all around the inner solar system. Most large-scale wars are over. Nationalism is gone. Religions are now empty rituals or consumer trends.

The amount of humans is quite low, and all work required to sustain living is done by machines. Loyal citizens spend their time being good consumers, while some try to find their way into the top of the credit pile with designing new reality shows, holotube-channels, nifty reboots of fiction trademarks or holo-games. Most are bad or lack the necessary contacts to get anywhere and never see the light of day.

Nonconformists are first ridiculed, then if they continue they are banned and finally if nothing else helps, they are sent to Earth's notorious Advertisement Center for re-programming. Most of their shouts are eaten up by the noise and chaos of never-ending consumerism.


  • There is always a sale somewhere
  • The world twists up everything
  • Team spirit is the sign of a rebel

Vladimir Arrowbuck

Originally John Arrowbuck, he belongs to the Red Comrades, a hidden rebel force that resides in the protective radiation fields of Jupiter and Saturn.

They are a violent bunch, yet merry. They live in crumpy, old space stations built of scrap metal and duct tape. Their red spacecrafts leak and malfunction, yet they manage to strike blow after blow against the capitalist dogs from the safety of their hidden bases. They dream of better future where everyone is equal and mankind would harness their power into exploring the cosmos, both inner and outer.

Vladimir's father was a head merchandise supervisor in the Burroughs Adventures Ltd, that were recreating content based on the original writings of 20th century author Edgar Rice Burroughs. The new adventures of Tarzan were a hit among the citizens of the Empire, but flopped soon and its members were ridiculed harshly. Young John Arrowbuck never forgot the shame that was put on his family. To a shock of his family he started reading books and using forbidden words. He hung with shadowy individuals who dreamed of meaning outside capitalism. It was not long, before he was drafted by the Red Comrades and re-named Vladimir.

He became an excellent spacecraft pilot and his appreciation in the ranks of the Comrades has gong up swiftly. It is his belief, that he is soon to be promoted as a Captain, and assigned a flight of ships of his own to control. With them he is going to strike a crushing blow against the capitalist pigs, or die trying.

3 Rebel Pilot
Daring and resourceful.
2 Young
He is full of vigor.
2 Determined
He is full of his cause. It invigorates him every day.
1 Good-looking
His greasy hair is popular among the ladies.
1 Rash
He needs to prove himself and he is willing to take risks.
1 Inexperienced
He hasn't been out there too long.

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