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Man from the East

Drama set in the world of modern martial arts.

In the year 2017 everything is showbiz, even sports. UFC (the ultimate fighting championship) has changed from the bloody cockfights in the 90s to a mainstream sport that carries a lot of prestige and money around. New stars rise, burn brightly for a while in the knowledge of the whole world, and then vanish when their winning streak ends. Through this, MMA (mixed martial arts) is the new trend in martial arts and its cornerstones: brazilian jujutsu, thai/kickboxing, wrestling, judo and boxing are flooded with new practitioners.

Traditional martial arts, which work more on the level of self-improvement rather than creating effective fighting ability are on a downfall. The ring is an easy measurement tool and produces undeniable facts.


  • World is a brutal place for idealists
  • Perfect training makes perfect
  • Truth sometimes hides below the surface

Luo Bai

Only two years ago, Luo Bai was a poor youngster from Wudang, China. From an early age, he has practiced the secret kung fu -style only known in his family. His father was a fanatic, who in his time refused all the outsiders who tried to know more of their art. In addition, he didn't take students from outside the family either. This makes their style completely unknown not only by the westerners but in China as well.

All changed when Luo Bai's father suddenly died. His large family was left without financial support. Luo Bai decided to help and participated in a local Sanda-tournament. His easy victory started a cinderella-story that has left next but everyone gasping. From Sanda-tournaments he travelled first to Japan and then, quite quickly into the US. He has not only won all of his fights, but the amount of hits he has taken can still be counted without toes.

Naturally this all has gathered an astounding media circus around the young champion. Every kung-fu practitioner hails him as their personal emissary. Sceptics publish videos of his fights with commentary, trying to prove that they are all fixed. Both his movement and array of techniques he used were completely different from what has been previously seen.

Mysteries envelop this young hero, and world loves nothing more than a mystery. Who was that old man, who travels with him wherever he goes. Why doesn't he give any interviews, heck he hasn't spoken a word of English throughout his career. When put to a spot, he politely thanked everyone for the possibility he has had to help his family. He hasn't published any information of his practice methods, not even his sparring partners have said a word.

Analytics say that if he keeps this up, he will have the bantamweight championship in about three or four matches. Phenomena like this causes massive side-effects: frauds, “managers” and even employed spies circle around him trying to get some advantage from the situation.

The question on everyone's lips is: how long can he keep this up?

3 Kung-fu-god
One of a kind.
2 Iron Body
His lithe frame hides a lot of power and stamina.
2 Just
He has a heart of gold.
1 Seeker
Luo Bai is searching for his place in the world.
1 Traditionalist
He is a preserver of an unique legacy.
1 Green
Luo Bai lacks the knowledge of filthy underbelly of society.
1 Helpful
He always tries to help others, sometimes it can get him in trouble.

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