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Back in Time

Confused time traveller on a mission.

Soldier, be proud of yourself! Take a moment to pat yourself on the back. You deserve it.

You have been chosen as a volunteer to live your life in the past. That's right, in the past of the photographs, when there was clean air to breathe and flowers grew.

You are to be transported to the year 2001, January 1st of the year to be exact. To a state they called Florida.

Your mission: stop the event that caused this chain reaction that destroyed our world. We rest in comfort of the fact that when you succeed, there is a timeline in the universe that is free of the shit we have to put up with on a daily basis. Your mission is to stop the 9/11 event for all costs. It has been hacked in your brain with strong enough tools, so we feel secured that you will give your best effort.

You may encounter others there that have been sent. Some are there to aid you, some to stop you. Beware of deception and remember your cause.

Good luck, soldier!


  • Pre-9/11 world is full of hope
  • Time travel is good for the soul, bad for mental health
  • Confusion, confusion, confusion

Soldier 12672

3 Buff
He is a killer and a lover. A creature of the moment. An animal set loose on a civilized world.
2 Survivalist
He has survived in horrible conditions.
2 Automaton
When operating on a clear objective, he works like a well-oiled machine.
1 Yearning for Calm
Like all humans, he needs a place to rest.
1 Knowledge of the Future
With all the confusion, he knows something of the future.
1 Confused
He is literally from out of this world.
1 Brainwashed
Do as you are programmed, soldier!


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