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Three Days to Retirement

A detective needs only to crack one case before retirement.

Matt Martin is a detective hanging on the brink of a retirement. He has waited for it for the most of his career, a moment when he can finally leave his work behind. At home he has an alienated family: wife and few kids. Surely he would fix things as soon as he gets retired.

With only three days left in the force, Martin is struck with a case that needs solving. For some reason, he is sent out there in the field, once more. The thing is hairy indeed, and seems to involve everything from the mob to government. There will eventually be chases, gunfights and secrets lurking just behind the corner, perhaps even something that makes it personal to Martin himself.

The crime itself is something out of Hollywood. Luxury prostitute is found dead, with a senator's son for a last client. Things seem only too clear, but Martin realizes that there were others in the room as well. And those must also have been involved. But the identities of these people are being guarded by the hotel staff as well as members of the law enforcement. Not Martin, he decides to crack the case regardless of the consequences.


  • What are you willing to do to find out the truth?
  • Crime demands punishment
  • What does it take to make a crime personal?

Matt Martin

Matt Martin was in good shape. Unfortunately it was decades ago and the years haven't been kind. The final years of his career have been spent mostly behind a desk and obesity has sneaked up on him. His mind is equally bruised, the years in his line of work have shown him things he can't unsee. They tend to creep up on him, and are affecting his relationships as well.

His partner, detective David Thompson is a good man at heart. Nevertheless Martin feels that he is too much bound by the rules and just as Martin, Thompson is very tired of his work. It is no wonder that Thompson is ready to leave the investigation as it is and go for the easy answers.

3 Unfinished Business
It is almost like fate. Martin seems to come through unbelievable odds. It is if he can't be stopped until he has catched whoever is responsible.
2 Outside Protocol
Pretty soon it will be obvious that he must break the rules to catch who is responsible. Doing this gives him an edge.
2 Professional
Martin has a long career behind of him. He has learned a lot of investigation as well as of a criminal mindset.
1 Perception
From an early age Martin has been very good at observing things. He excels in it still and is proficient at deducing from his observations.
1 Past His Prime
His fitness level is not enough for the tasks at hand.
1 Concern About his Future
Breaking the rules has consequences and Martin is troubled by the effects this case has on his retirement and family. This makes him hesitant at times.

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