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In the Heat of the Night

This scenario is based on a pulp magazine hero of German origin, but of the version that was popular in Finland in the 70s and 80s. Finnish writers pretty much wrote their own Jerry Cotton -stories, emphasizing humor and witty banter instead of straight-up brutal violence.

Heroic and downbeat FBI-agent struggling in the New York City of the 70s.

It is the summer of 1977 in New York City. A sweltering heat wave is tormenting the city that has seen better days. Economic downturn and rising poverty as well as growing inequality ensured that the city had its fair share of tragic and downbeat stories to tell.

To top it all there were the “Son of Sam” shootings. A man, at least they thought it was a man, has kept New York City captivated and fearful by numerous shootings of innocent civilians. He has also sent letters to ridicule the police. Regardless of the number of the incidents, the police hasn't been able to catch the criminal. The media does what the media does, blowing it all up and perhaps causing more harm than good.

The police force has sent requests for aid for all agencies operating in the New York area, including the FBI. John D. High, the head of FBI:s New York City department is assured that if someone can catch this villain, it is Jerry Cotton.


  • Crime doesn't pay
  • When going gets tough, the tough start wisecracking
  • Cool head for the win

Jerry Cotton, FBI-agent

Jerry Cotton is a special agent with the FBI. He was born in Harpersville, Connecticut and received a sturdy, even if blunt upbringing in the countryside. After trying with different professions, for example apprenticing as a blacksmith, he finally found his calling in fighting the crime and joined the forces of law enforcement.

His colleague is Phil Decker and together with this bit snobbish agent they have solved innumerous crimes together. Through all these dangerous ordeals, they have learned to trust each other in everything except fashion sense.

Jerry has had a fair share of problems recently. Not only did her girlfriend dump him for some hot-headed football player, but her long lost aunt has informed him that she will be paying him a visit in a few days. Jerry only has faint memories of this aunt of when he was still back in Connecticut, and the memories are not pleasant ones.

But perhaps High has some interesting work for him to take his mind off of these things.

3 Special Agent
Jerry is in the top of his game.
2 Honorable
In the city of turncoats he never sells his principles.
2 Cool
He has the ability to reason in the tightest of situations.
1 Wordy
He has a way with words.
1 Jaguar
The red E-type is his pride and joy … even though the payments still hit him hard.
1 Experienced
He has been around.
1 Sturdy
History as a blacksmith's apprentice has given him a sturdy physique.
1 Vices
He smokes like a chimney and doesn't spit in a bottle, even though he never drinks on duty.
1 Awkward
He is not exactly a Casanova.

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