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Christmas Party

This scenario was brainstormed with people of the irc channel. So my thanks go to Ann_Arcana, Silverlion and Snoof for the help.

Noble thieves are at work on Christmas Eve.

The BCX Foundation was founded after the WW2 in the United States. Its original purpose was to raise money for families of soldiers who died during the war but during the decades it grew into one of the largest and most widely known charitable organization in the States.

After 2010 the foundation has been under heavy scrutiny, the leaders were prosecuted of having a “shadow organization” of sorts inside the Foundation which leaked money into foreign tax havens. The court cases brought a lot of controversy, but the alleged crimes could never be proven.

In the year 2017, a large hacker group called The Romanovs begun a project to infiltrate the foundation and leak whatever information there were that would reveal their criminal activities to the general public. They managed to gather lots of information, but nothing was heavy enough to justify the reveal of the operation.

This was before they found out about The Party. The top personnel of the BCX Foundation would throw a secret party for hundred people on the Christmas Eve. The party is held for special, hand-picked guests at the top of the One World Trade Center.

The hacker group, now desperate to find something to go on with, infiltrates the party. And they are going to do it with the help of Mr. Emmett Brinkerhoff, international thief extraordinaire and his group.


  • Christmas it the time of giving
  • Large presents are sometimes carried in small packages
  • If everything else fails, fall back on miracles

Emmett Brinkerhoff

Nobody knows who he really is. All they know he is tall and slender with a mustache and a slight German accent. The naughty check under the bed for him before they go to sleep. Few know that he doesn't work alone but has a group of highly talented people behind him.

He and his group have operated in all the major capitals in the world. Stealing from rich, notorious people and donating most of their earnings anonymously in charity projects he is Robin Hood of the 21th century. Most of his successes have been gained by his mind, both brilliant and pedantic. His way is to take every precaution possible in his elaborate plans of action.

He closely guards the secret of his origins. He was an orphan, mistreated child that grew up facing adversity in every field of life. Nonetheless he struck big with a nowadays unknown game in era when mobile games were just taking their baby steps. He used these resources to transform himself into what he is today.

Emotionally he is very dependent on the successes he gains, and thrives when his actions are being both praised (by his colleagues) and wondered (by press and outsiders). This renders him somewhat susceptible to provoking.

3 International Thief Extraordinaire
One of a kind in this world.
2 Master of Disguise
He can become anyone if necessary.
2 Leader
He has the ability to construct elaborate plans and the charisma to drive them through.
1 Pedantic
He is systematic to the extreme.
1 Warm
He enjoys a luxurious life, but nonetheless cares for the misfortunate.
1 Burden of Heart
In a world of self-centered criminals he has an agenda that can sometimes be a weakness.
1 Provokable
Successes in the face of adversity are his fuel.

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