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The Legacy of Flesh

Story from the far future, after humanity is long gone.

All that is flesh is gone. The oldest of us can remember it, rest have experienced it through countless reprises.

The destruction.

When the sun started to burn as red and everything that was flesh ceased to exist. Plants, animals, and humans as well. Yes, our creators.

Some say that we should leave this place and reach for the stars, but we can't. We have to take care of the past. The last will of our creators was that we must preserve everything they left behind. We are their legacy and if we abandon it, it is as if they had never existed.

The Discourse had been made, long ago. Everything they left behind has been catalogued, commented, indexed and cross-referenced aeons ago, so that whoever comes here can recreate and experience the world that was before we were born.

But the sun radiates less and less after every cycle. We have to leave or shut down ourselves and our world to wait. For a new beginning, perhaps.


  • Analog is divine
  • Everything burns bright near the end
  • Truth is a slave of perspective


From my birth I have been prepared for this. Even my name means “God's chosen traveler”. So, when it was my turn, I went into stasis and traveled through endless space with the Scripture and the Eye.

Prophecy says that the Eye can make living out of dead, new out of old. Three Travelers left before my time. Three Travelers and three Eyes, but none of them had sent any message of success.

There will never be a fifth. I have to succeed.

And I did. It was an old star, red already, but the Eye says that I can use it to create a new beginning for our people. The Eye says that it has some old ruins, but no living things anymore. I will land there to investigate and then I will let the Eye do what it must.

3 Being of Flesh
Flawed, temporary but strongly emotional.
2 Eye
Manifestation of God's will it can do anything as long as there is faith.
2 Strong in faith
Has been prepared for a lifetime.
1 Intuition
Illogical can often serve.
1 One-directional
World is but a tunnel towards the goal.
1 Naive
World is small.

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