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The Romeo of the West Bank

Romantic drama amidst volatile circumstances.

Contemporary Jerusalem, the city in the shade of a shared wall. The hostility between cultures has defined their being for generations. While the whole world watches, it seems that there is nothing that can be done to end the destructive cycle of hostility and violence.

Still, there are some who try, through humanly actions of every day life.


  • The cycle of hatred is strong
  • Small stones can cause big ripples
  • Love is the strongest of bonds

Yasser Kassis

Yasser Kassis is in love. His only desire is to find happiness with the woman of his dreams. But there are larger-than-life obstacles in his way.

He is an arab of the West Bank, and a member of a family with considerable renown. And the girl he pursues, Miriam Sharon, is from a jewish family.

Can their love break through all the obstacles life has put in the way of their happiness? Are their families going to intervene and how? Can they show an example for the whole world to follow?

3 In Love
He is in love and nothing in the world is going to change that.
2 Resourceful
He is a resourceful young man.
2 Energetic
He has the will and tenacity to make it happen.
1 Friends
He has lots of friends, of who some are openly supporting his cause.
1 Dramatic
His inexperience and passion drives him to extremes.
1 Family of tradition
Family is often there to stop him.

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