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Final Act

Action drama set in Africa in the style of the 80s.

A small country of Beneen resides in Central Africa on the coast of the Atlantic. Colonial forces were expelled in the 80s, when Oluwafemi Itri disbanded the government and took the country in his own hands. Since then, reports from the country have been scarce and contradictory. Only images delivered abroad publicly depict the grandiose parades and festitivities arranged by the president, with happy and healthy citizens abundantly present. Beneen trades a bit with foreign countries, and there is a black market of sorts present as well.

However, there are rumors and images of suppression, poverty and brutality of the dictatorship. Some say the president has voodoo-powers. There are even people who say that there have been coup attempts by the military, but they have so far been thwarted.

With the lack of expensive natural resources, and due to small size of the country, major powers have allowed Beneen to continue this odd, solitary existence.


  • Darkest Africa is a place of mystery
  • Homo homini lupus est
  • Actions speak louder than words

Martti Talvio

Martti is a retired mercenary from Kurikka, Finland. He was an orphan, and was driven to the military through a troublesome youth. After he was thrown out of military as well, he sought a place for himself abroad. He enlisted as a mercenary, and rose through the ranks due to his intelligence and ruthlessness. Eventually he ended up leading very shady military operations that took place in Central Africa.

His largest operation was supporting the coup made by Oluwafemi Itri in Beneen. They were in fact comrades in arms for many years, and Oluwafemi wished to end the power of the colonialists in his home country. So the men slowly hatched a plan together, and when they succeeded, Oluwafemi became president. And Martti…, if he had had financial problems before, they vanished overnight.

Fast forwarding thirty years, Martti lives in his home in Kurikka, where he was born. Now he is a worldly man, who travels a lot and has friends everywhere. Oluwafemi is not included in them. He is more like a fantom pain or a nasty scar in the mind of this grizzly veteran pushing sixty. Martti has married, and divorced. Her daughter keeps contact with him though, much more than his ex-wife does.

In that winter Martti suffered from odd headaches, but he is not the kind of man who goes to doctor easily. Eventually when he did, the diagnose was rough: inoperable brain tumor. Doctors estimated, he could have a year, and only few months of remotely normal life with heavy painkillers. Martti decided then and there that he would not leave this world in a vegetative state in some random hospital.

There was still time to heal some of the scars he had caught during the years. He helped Oluwafemi to become president, perhaps he could still take it away from him …. or die trying.

3 Ex-soldier
Martti is an expert of international warfare. He might have some issues with modern technology, but killer instincts make up for it.
2 Worldly
Martti has become a jovial and international guy with lots of contacts in various countries. He knows myriad of languages.
2 Cool Intellect
It has served him well during his career.
1 Tough as Nails
Martti is the stuff of legends, as tough as they come.
1 Ways of the Soldier
Life in the military has touched him profoundly and not only positively.
1 Cancer
It eats him from inside and slowly but surely will take him out.

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