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In the Shadow of the Great Wall

Colorful Wuxia-drama set in ancient China.

The eternal dynasty was in its death throes, people whispered and glanced fearfully towards the horizon. There, beyond the Great Wall were the barbarians, living on their horses. The fierce horde had already conquered everything on its path and only the wall protected the last remnants of the dynasty. Rumors grew of a massive, definitive strike that would wipe the dynasty from the face of the earth. Raiders pillaged half-empty caravans in search of the weak to lay their hate on. Nobles withdrew into their protected castles and villas preparing for the war to come, or lived like there was no tomorrow, doing their best to forget the doomsday that was riding their way.

The mighty old emperor had ceased to speak a month ago, and his first wife held the crumbling dynasty together as well as she could. Capital was flooded with heroes and adventurers, swords at their belts and mixed motives in their hearts. Perhaps they were the last chance, perhaps they could still deliver a deadly blow against the barbarians.

The most distinquished of them were now gathered in the great assembly hall of the Emperor with the lead of the First Wife. A messanger from the barbarians arrives…


  • Glory of the old times is all but vanished
  • Heroic deeds might not save you, but they will be remembered
  • Bright colors, burning emotions

Shuǐ, the Courtesan Empress

Shuǐ was born on modest conditions, but her radiant beauty and natural eloquence has carried her all the way through the society of the dynasty and into the top. Finally she was noticed by the Emperor himself, and few months before falling into apathy and silence he gave her the title of First Wife. This has shocked the upper class almost as much as the impending doom in the hands of the barbarians.

Shuǐ is an intelligent and capable woman, but now she must lead a nation in complete disarray against an enemy of overwhelming power. There is no doubt she will share the fate of her Dynasty.

3 Unique Beauty
Shuǐ is one in a million. If you see her, you'll remember for all your life.
2 Bending Branch
Shuǐ has faced many things in her interesting life and always triumphed. Most often by bending first.
2 First Wife
Shuǐ is essentially the ruler of the nation, if she can keep herself on the top.
1 Versatile
Life from a poor girl into an empress has left her with vast understanding of different things.
1 Unsuitable
Even with all her prowess, she is both a woman and an upstart. She will never receive complete acceptance no matter what she does.
1 Weak
Shuǐ is a fragile flower physically, which could be a bad thing in the time of the war.

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