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City in the Sky

This scenario is based on an actual play of game called “swords without Master” we played with our group. So this scenario is not my own doing, but a combined effort of all of our group: Nuppu Soanjärvi, Sini Karvonen and Tuomo Sipola in addition to yours truly. The character Lamia is Sini's character. So while this scenario is technically written by me, it is our joined effort that created it.

Swords without master is an excellent game and can be found at

Fantasy story set in a world of endless deserts.

There is nothing beyond the Red Desert, and everything in it belongs to Omar, the Divine Sultan. So goes the phrase and most of the people of the world bend their heads with it.

Indeed, the Red Desert is vast, endless miles of dry sand scorched under the heat of the twin suns. Here and there, oases dot the landscape, oases that form the base for small cities and towns. There, in the presence of water people can live and grow their crops. Caravan routes crisscross the endless seas of sand that lies between them. The suns are called Najam and Gojam, the golden and the white, for their respective colors.

Omar lives in the capital of Ottamar and his rule is absolute there. In the middle of the town, in the center of his citadel he has built an enormous tower, where he continuously observes the skies, when not conducting businesses of his realm.

It is his secret desire to find the flying city of Zahad-Dur. He has gathered all the knowledge his people has of it into his great library. He knows the city predates his realm, and would like nothing more than to get his hands on its secrets. After all, he has conquered all the lands, now the skies must also submit.


  • Twin suns slowly torch everything
  • Omar's rule is absolute
  • Surprises await just around the corner


Lamia is the priestess of Najam, the golden sun. The cult is forbidden, its people persecuted heavily by the sultan and his troops. This is why they must always be on the move, going from one oasis town to another in the outskirts of the known world.

Cultists of Najam believe that the world once was different. Before the evil forces of Sultan Omar, there was an ocean and all the land was filled with oases. People could go and love wherever they wanted. And love is the way Najam cultists spread their influence. Love in all its forms both physical and mental. They are in sharp contrast with the arduous world and the Sultan, who expects nothing less than absolute submission.

Lamia is a burning torch of her cult. Her form pleases the eye, her soul pleases the heart. She has sworn to bring down the Sultan and transform the world. She doesn't know how, but she will.

3 Priestess of Love
Loves with body and soul.
2 Versatile
She finds surprising ways to deal with things.
2 Charismatic
She is a natural leader even though her beliefs defy such things.
1 Respect
She is respected by a lot of frontier people. They are always willing to help her.
1 Persecuted
Sultan would kill her if he could.
1 Stubborn
She will not take no for an answer.

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